How this started

I'm a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and the United States of America. I conceived of this project just after both countries made decisions which shocked me: the UK voted to leave the European Union, and the USA chose Donald Trump to be its next president. Whilst I accepted these outcomes were democratically possible, I didn't think they were actually possible. What does this say about my knowledge of my own countries, and my understanding of my own fellow citizens?

I have felt, whilst working as an actor, growing bespoke poetry business In Your Own Words and even listening to podcasts like "Strangers" and "The Moth", that other people's stories make me feel more special, more connected, and more human. At the moment I began this project - in my late twenties, as I continued to define myself in the world - I was more moved by real stories than ones I could make up. A couple years on, I find I am fascinated not only by stories that exist in complete forms, but, by a series of connections, the stories we are helped by our brains or by outside influences to create. 


I do not feel the Kingdom or the States are United right now. Happiness is a powerful, unifying and inclusive emotion;  this100happydays project is an effort to connect, to understand, and to rejoice again in my fellow human being. If you choose to come along for the journey, I will share it with you - so sign up here:

If you would like me to hear about what makes you happy, please enter your name and email below. Thank you for your interest and I'll be in touch.

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About me

My name is Lizzie Bourne. I have recently lived between London and Chicago, and I now live in Bristol.

I work as an actor and a writer.


Things which make me happy include: going to the theatre; drinking tea in my bed; exercise; a fire in the grate; swimming in the sea.